What denomination are you?

We are Christian. Though we are affiliated with the SBC and cooperate with other denominational agencies and churches, we choose not to focus on denominations. Our attendees have a wide variety of denominational backgrounds. We have some shared “essential” beliefs (see our “Beliefs” section), but all the minor details (which tend to be the “denominational” stuff) we don’t consider “essential” and don’t believe should divide us as Christians and seekers. We welcome all.

What should I wear?

Our dress in general is casual. Jeans are appropriate. You’ll see shorts in the summer. Some people like to dress up a little, so whatever you’re comfortable with is fine.

Is there something for the kids to do?

We have a great staff of people who run the kids classes – nursery through 6th grade during all Sunday services.  All those working with the kids have been through background checks, are members of the church, and enjoy working with the kids. The classes are split up into nursery, toddlers, preschool, K-4th grade, and 5th/6th graders .They combine learning with fun stuff in a safe environment. The teens meet Sunday mornings for Bible Study during the 9:30am service and have Cross Current on Sunday evenings (see “Students” section).

How long is the service?

Our services are about 1 hour, but sometimes go a few minutes longer depending on what’s going on.

What is the music like?

Our worship is led by a full band – guitars, drums, and all – and is modern and upbeat. We have many musicians that rotate week-to-week, so you’ll see some different people up on stage every couple weeks or so.

Will I be put on the spot?

NO! All we ask of our visitors is to enjoy the service. Our hope is that you feel comfortable and are about to get something out of the service. There is what we call a “connection card” in our program that we’d love for you to fill out with your info and anything you’d like to get from us. You will not be asked to stand, be called out in anyway, and even if you fill out our form, no one will show up at your house.

Will I be pressured at all?

NO! You can go at your own pace, and get as involved as you want to at any time. You will not be pressured to join the church, give us money, or make any commitment – it’s all up to you.

Why does your church look like a box?

When this building was built, this is what we could afford. It is not planned to be the final structure. As funds allow, we will build onto the current building but desire to keep the focus on changing lives rather than on a structure.

I’ve come a few times, and want to get more involved. What now?

Attend our SCC 101 class where you’ll learn more about the church, how to get involved, and how to become a member, if that is your wish. Send us an email to sign up for the next SCC 101.

Who runs the church?

We really want Christ to be the head of our church. To make sure that continues to be the case, we are led by a team of individuals who are all seeking God’s will for the church. Check out our staff page to meet the leaders at SCC.