Our Leadership

Our Staff

The staff at Sycamore Creek Church oversee the day-to day operations of the church.  A combination of full-time and part-time, the staff below have been given the privilege of carrying out the daily vision of Sycamore Creek Church.

Steve Markle                                              Scott Stem
         Steve Markle                                                                            Scott Stem
          Lead Pastor                                                                          Student Pastor
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Jared Hudson                                             Amy Shaw
          Jared Hudson                                                                          Amy Shaw
        Worship Leader                                                         Director of Children's Ministry
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Kristi Johnson                                             
          Kristi Johnson                                                                           
 Director of Administration                                                        
          & Connections                                                                              


Our Directors

What do directors do? They coordinate the various ministries, facilities, and administrative areas of the church. Directors are team builders who manage, recruit, and develop team leaders and team members to promote SCC’s vision and purpose.

Mark Phillips                                            Dale Joiner
          Mark Phillips                                                                         Dale Joiner
 Director of Small Groups                                                   Director of Guest Relations
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Stan Smith 
            Stan Smith
     Director of Facilities


Our Elders

What’s an elder? Elders ensure the church is Biblically sound and that Christ remains the head of the church. They help to see that the church is well managed and fiscally sound by approving major decisions, offering advice to the pastors and directors as needed, interpreting the church’s constitution if necessary, and overseeing the church in general.



Ron Marshall                                            John Gray
        Ron Marshall                                                                             John Gray
             Elder                                                                                        Elder
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Jeff Fee                                            Greg Frost
             Jeff Fee                                                                               Greg Frost
              Elder                                                                                      Elder
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Jeff Fee                                            
             Mike Lee