What to Expect

What to Expect at Sycamore Creek from Scott Stem on Vimeo.


Top 10 Reasons to Visit SCC:

10. We have free coffee. That’s already made.
9. You can come as you are. Just throw on some jeans and flip flops.
8. We’re cool and hip. Well, at least we try.
7. We’ll take your kids for an hour – and they’ll have fun! Need we say more? Maybe we should have led with this…
6. We don’t know it all.
5. You’re searching for something.
4. You’ll be inspired.
3. We’ll try to figure it out together.
2. You’ll learn to find freedom and peace through a personal relationship with God.
1. Why not? Ok, so we needed 10 things. "Top 9 Reasons..." doesn’t sound as good. But seriously, why not – give it a try and see if it’s for you. See you this weekend!