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SCC Chris Kindler guitar

Who are we?

At Sycamore Creek Church, we strive to provide you with a refreshing experience each time you enter the doors. Our goal is to create unique, modern, and relevant environments to help you connect with Jesus Christ. To supplement a message that meets you where you are in today’s world, our music is up to date, contemporary, and worshipful. We use many different avenues to bring you a new experience every week. Our primary goal is to provide an opportunity for those seeking after Christ, to worship Him in an unhindered fashion.


What type of music do you play?

Our church strives to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. While we believe there is a specific time and place to break out the hymnal, we also believe it is extremely important to stay with the times, and relate to our surrounding community. We play contemporary music, mixed with newly arranged modern hymns. Our library mostly comes from the CCLI top 50, including songs from Chris Tomlin, Elevation, David Crowder, and Hillsong.


How can I get involved?

The best way to get involved is to e-mail the Worship Leader, Jared Hudson
We are currently searching for….

- Acoustic Guitar
- Electric Guitar
- Vocalists
- Bass
- Keyboard
- Sound Engineers
- Light Operators

If you play a specific instrument not listed, that doesn’t mean we can’t use you! From accordion, to cello, all are welcome!

SCC Worship Band