We all have questions. And as we learn more about who God is, and what the Bible says, it's only natural that we have questions that we can't answer. So what do we do? Well, like in other situations in life, we go to someone who we think has more knowledge about the subject than we do. And as we look for answers when it comes to faith, we turn to the church.

So we are gathering some of those questions, and will try to give you an answer to some of those questions right here on this page. There are a lot of ways to answer some questions. Remember we don't have it all figured out, either. Sometimes a question can be answered with a straight bible answer, sometimes it takes some theory, and sometimes we just have to say “I don't know”. But if nothing else, what's posted here should challenge you as you learn who God is calling you to believe.

We don't have all the answers...nobody does! But we can discuss and discover what the Bible says together can't we?

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